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Spinner II Centrifuges are available for virtually any industrial fluid-cleaning application.

  • Removal of solids down to 0.1 µ in size
  • Removal of oxidization and nitration sludges as they form
  • Significantly longer lubricating oil service life as measured by comprehensive oil analysis
  • Significantly longer full flow oil filter service life
  • Significantly longer component service life

Spinner II centrifuges are typically self-powered (pump-assisted units are also available). They create fluid pressure sufficient to generate centrifugal force 2,000 times greater than gravity. This force extracts solid contaminants from the fluid stream and deposits them in the cleanable rotor as a dense, solid cake.

Maintenance intervals for Spinner II centrifuges vary according to your specific operating conditions and service hours. However, all models are designed with large capacities to allow extended hours of service.

For routine maintenance, simply remove the rotor cover and empty the dry, compacted contaminants. There are no expensive filter elements to replace, and nothing to drain, crush or haul away.

High Dust Applications

Construction and mining

Reduce Oil Contamination

Save money through less down time and lower maintenance costs.

High Wear Applications

Buses and long-haul trucks

Reduce oil contamination

Can be mounted outside the engine compartment if there are space constraints.

Wet and Corrosive Applications

Marine and power generation

Reduce oil contamination

World leaders in bypass oil conditioning for the marine market

Hydraulic System Filtration

Pumps, motors, servo valves

Reduce oil contamination

The most effective way to maintain hydraulic oils and remove particles with a single unit.

Reduce Component Wear

Wear is reduced by up to 50%

Using the power of centrifugal force, they remove both large contaminants and ultra-fine particles as small as one-tenth of a micron. They also meet the challenge of new, low-emissions engines by providing the efficiency to control increased soot loads. Spinner II Oil Cleaning Centrifuges are low cost to install, easy and inexpensive to service, and enjoy a very long service life.

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Spinner II centrifuges: the ultimate oil cleaners