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PulseTech battery maintenance systems maximize power output from your battery and offers 3 to 5 times normal battery life

  • Maintain battery specific gravity at close to optimal levels
  • Keep battery freeze point at a minimum
  • Allows the battery to accept the maximum possible charge
  • Maximizes power output from any kind of lead acid battery
  • US military testing protocols showed that PulseTech users can expect 3 to 5 times normal battery life
Lead Acid batteries have been a workhorse of industrial society for over 130 years. They have been greatly refined since then, but one problem remains: SULPHATION. The very nature of the electrochemical reaction that occurs between the lead plates and sulphuric acid to generate electricity generates lead sulphate. Over time, this buildup of lead sulphate crystals on the lead acid plates reduces the power available from the battery during load demand and reduces charge acceptance by the battery during charging.

Despite significant improvements in battery design and construction, lead acid batteries of all kinds still fail prematurely – until PulseTech.

PulseTech Battery Maintenance Systems utilize a patented electronic waveform with exact amplitude and duration to remove lead sulphate from battery plates. It does this by gently vibrating the sulfur atoms electronically, breaking the bonding of the lead sulphate crystals, and redissolving the sulfur into the sulphuric acid electrolyte.

Units for Every Application

PowerPulses desulphate the battery and are powered by the battery. They are available in 12, 24, 36 and 48 volt inputs.
SolarChargers desulphate and charge while there is normal sunlight. They are available in 2, 5, 6 and 25 watt power outputs.
Xtreme Chargers come in 1 or 2 battery arrangements, with rated power at 1 to 2 amps – they actually deliver an effective output of 5 amps when compared to other smart chargers when the desulphation component is factored in.
Pro12 Maintenance Charger trickle charges and desulphates up to 12 batteries at a time, making it a must for retail stores selling new batteries or for seasonal equipment storage.
Shop Xtreme Charger desulphates and charges up to 12 batteries at 8 amps output for each battery simultaneously.
PulseTech Quadlink
QuadLink 4-channel Battery Charger Multiplier

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