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Centri Air Precleaners are the preferred solution for preventing frequent air filter changes in all kinds of air consuming equipment.

  • Research shows that airborne dirt particles ranging in size from 10 to 100 microns cause the most engine damage. Although dirt can enter an engine from different sources, the most common path of entry is through the air intake system.
  • It only takes an average of eight ounces of dirt to ruin an engine. Problems caused by even a small amount of dirt getting past the filtration systems include premature wear of bearings, rings, and cylinder surfaces. This results in excessive oil consumption when worn cylinder walls and rings allow lubricant into the combustion chamber.
  • Precleaners cannot completely eliminate air filters but they do vastly extend filter life, lower fuel consumption, reduce maintenance requirements and extend time between overhauls.
  • Centri’s all metal design (aluminum & stainless steel) and lifetime warranty against defects in manufacturing and workmanship guarantee you’ll enjoy long, trouble free performance.
  • Durable all stainless steel and aluminum construction
  • Low restriction
  • High efficiency
  • Installation and any angle
  • Maintenance free
  • Dynamically balanced impeller
  • Lifetime limited warranty on standard Centri unit; 3-year warranty on high-heat Centri.
  • Long lasting and durable. It will NEVER rust!
  • Proven, dependable product.
  • Longer engine and filter life reduces operating costs
  • Less downtime for your equipment
  • Less vibration leads to longer bearing life
  • Peace of mind

Additional technical information:

Fewer Filter Changes

Reduce downtime and save money with a Centri Precleaner

Centri can help!

Precleaners vastly extend filter life. Also precleaner use can help with lower fuel consumption, reduced maintenance and extended time between overhauls.

Centri is Self-Cleaning

Maintenance-free - keeps your equipment working!

Centri's Superior Design

Curved and angled vanes to direct the air flow to maximize cleaning efficiency.

Simple Installation

Mount the Centri Precleaner in any position.

Centri can even be installed inverted

Heavy duty aluminum and stainless steel construction is lightweight, requiring no additional clamps or supports.

For Any Engine

With 8 models available, we have you covered

Suitable for Any Application

Meeting your clean air requirements from 50 to 1600 CFM in any environment.

Reduce Air Filter Expenses by 50% or More

Consider the cost of replacement air filters, labour, filter disposal, plus maintenance scheduling and down time expenses. Now consider cutting all those expenses in half (or more!) with a Centri Precleaner.

Let us help you calculate the unique value proposition that Centri can bring to your operations.

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and machine maintenance needs.

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Centri: The world's most dependable precleaner