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A quick and simple solution for reduced engine wear in cold weather.

  • ProHeat helps start engines even in severe cold, providing heat to the entire engine when used overnight. Warm oil ensures that vital internal engine components get lubricated promptly after starting.
  • ProHeat warms hydraulic fluid, cylinders, and tanks, reducing wear and helping to prevent blown seals and costly down time.
  • Suitable for any application that involves a smooth metal surface with a reservoir of fluid to be heated or maintained at above ambient temperatures.
  • All units are CSA certified.
  • 5 minute installation is easy, permanent, no tools needed
  • Can heat entire component
  • Heats oil for faster lubrication and assists in providing immediate oil pressure
  • No danger of falling out and draining vital fluids
  • Will not affect new car/truck computer systems
  • Thermally balanced
  • Reduces wear on vital internal engine components
  • Immediate use – no waiting for adhesives to dry
  • Diesel engines and fuel tanks
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Cranes, lifts, winches, scissor lifts
  • Transmissions, electrical generators
  • Construction equipment
  • Graders, snow plows, refuse vehicles
  • Propane tanks
  • Water tanks and troughs

Simple Design – Easy Installation

We can help you with all of your engine
and machine maintenance needs.

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ProHeat: The most reliable, efficient and durable pad heater you can buy!