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Slash costs and realize substantial gains in reliability using OEI radial field magnetic filtration.

  • Increase your safety record by extending PMs; thereby reducing travel and equipment contact frequency
  • Environmentally friendly filters are reusable for 15 years – no more throwing filters in the landfill
  • Increase equipment reliability and profitability with greater productivity
  • Remove both ferrous and non-ferrous contaminants to sub-micron levels
  • Less than 12 month Return On Investment (ROI) on average
  • Predictive and preventative maintenance tool for identifying the sources of contamination
Magnetic filtration works by passing fluid through a chamber that contains highly powered magnetic rods. The ferrous and non-ferrous contaminants in the fluid are attracted to the high powered magnetic rod, through the principals of magnetics and static adhesion. Each filter is designed to maximize flow, and can be custom made to fit any system and application.

The patented radial field magnetic technology employed in OEI rare earth magnet filters creates fields that are 10x stronger than ceramic magnetic filters. Stronger, wider fields attract more particles in a greater range of sizes. OEI filters build static fields to remove non-ferrous (including plastics and silica) as well as ferrous contaminants from submicron to 100+ microns in size.

80% of equipment failures are caused by unfiltered contamination. You can avoid those failures by using OEI advanced filtration systems to remove 99% of contaminants down to submicon sizes.

  • 7-figure reduction in maintenance costs
  • $280,000 savings in equipment costs
  • 400% increase in oil life
  • 60% reduction in downtime
  • 40% increase in equipment life

We can help you with all of your engine
and machine maintenance needs.

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OEI Filters: Decrease maintenance costs, maximize equipment reliability.